International transport

Since the establishment of JSC “Vilniaus Ekspedicija“ we organize international freight transportation services including both full truck load (FTL), less than truck load (LTL) and hazardous freights (ADR) shipping from EU countries to the Baltic States, Russia, Russian Far East and CIS countries. Freight transportation is arranged by our own standard semi-trailers, high volume auto trains and refrigerator trucks in respect of freight specification. 

The greatest share of experience has been gained by international transportation of less than truck load (LTL) freights from Italy, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Spain to the Baltic States and Russia.  

In respect of the amount, weight and loading place of your freight, less than truck load (LTL) shipment is collected from suppliers directly to consolidation warehouse in Vilnius (Lithuania) or terminals of our foreign partners. Long-term relationship with our partners enables prompt and professional international transportation and forwarding services.  

We also handle oversize loads, as well as hazardous freights (ADR) of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 categories by order of our clients. Our experienced employees are available anytime to provide you with information about your cargo dislocation.

We aim at optimization of your transportation costs in order to achieve constant and mutually beneficial cooperation.